Along with Seiko Perez and Verstappen, he leads the Red Bull Championship

Along with Seiko Perez and Verstappen, he leads the Red Bull Championship

Seko did a great job on the streets of Monaco, along with Verstappen collected enough points to cross the Mercedes

The work done by Sergio Seco Perez at the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​to achieve a perfect weekend by topping the Red Bull Builders World Championships., Is one of the main objectives of the Austrian team, for which they hired the Mexican for the 2021 season.

Seiko Perez finished fourth, and with 12 points he scored and the victory of Max Verstappen, the team reached 149 points. Enough to fight Mercedes again and put a point above their rivals.

There is This is the first time since 2013 that the Milton Keynes-based team has led the Builders’ Championship. When they last did it, Sebastian Vettel was the world champion and Australian Mark Weber the teammate. In all these years, Ferrari was the only team in 2017 to be able to remove Mercedes from that position.

The German team reached only six points with Lewis Hamilton’s seventh in Monte Carlo this Sunday, and the extra lap in the fast lap was because Valteri Bodas was out due to a stuck tire and could not convert them into pits.

Seko Perez also had a personal reward. Climbing into five positions in life allowed the 31-year-old Move one more space on the drivers table, Charles Leklerk was unable to start the match due to problems with his SF21.

Tabato scored 44 points, three of which are just three yards from Valteri BodosThe surprise in that fight for third place is for McLaren driver Lando Norris, who caught Perez in the Gulf in the last 20 laps and added to the second stage of the season.

Now Seko Perez’s biggest task is to stay on the ground he lost and get back into trouble for Valteri Bodos and get him in trouble to retain that advantage in the Builders ’Championship.

The next Formula 1 race will take place on June 6 in Azerbaijan, Sego Perez is a song that has already reached the stage.

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