Amara La Negra takes the lead thanks to a Honduran businessman

Amara La Negra takes the lead thanks to a Honduran businessman

New York, USA.

The young man took a pleasant surprise Honduran Getty Arnole, When an actress and a singer Diana Daniels de los Santos, Known as Amara not Negra Share it on his social network InstagramVideo of a young man dancing our traditions Senior music, Which was recorded in The Garifuna community from Cross victory During the usual partying Easter holiday week.

Fascinated by Drum flavor Maracas and snails, celebrities by descent Dominican, Over 2.3 million followers surprised her by uploading a video of her rocking her hip at The rhythm of the impulse.

“When Amara shared my video, I couldn’t believe it, I got into a state of shock, I had so many feelings at that moment, I was very surprised and happy. I felt like Ambassador from Garifuna culture That I have achieved something important, I am a prize for all the work I have done to publicize Our culture And my company Garifunarobics. I saw in front of my eyes the direction I’m taking, and I enjoyed seeing the fruits of so much of the work, ” noted Guity, who resides at New York.

Although he was born on United State, From an early age Arnole, I felt an intense bond with Drum strikes. This passion became his way of living and from the age of 12 it became taxi dancer. Barefoot, hips movement, waist, beauty A. Beautiful culture Braids and the story he seeks to share with the world, became his goal afterwards 15 years of business.

Not satisfied with the inconvenience Honduran society, When sharing Arnol’s video, the dancer too, decided to try herself to the rhythm of Ponta, when she danced one of the dance appeal songs. Larza Group, She showed her grace and beauty by moving her waist, and her movements sigh within her followers, a great joy for lovers Senior music And, of course, great pride Arnoll Getty From his talent inspired the former dancer Celia Cruz“.

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My reaction to watching her dance was a big surprise and my first comment was, “Oh my God, she has a waist, I was happy to see her dance.” Our musicMoreover, because it has sent a message to the entire Garífuna community and I feel it Honduras We don’t get our credit Cultural contribution, But this small gesture was enough to make me feel satisfied and proud. ” Arnall Getty

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The influence of the media was immediately reflected in the accounts Embed a Tweet On Instagram, Arnol Guity’s aerobics page, where like foam arrived at 10 thousand followers, Honduras hopes to have the opportunity to offer some cutting-edge classes for the famous artist, not because she needs it, but that it will be An invaluable experience, for him Young businessman Katerachu.

Classes are open to anyone who wants it Learn to dance like Arnole s Building.

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