Amaury Vergara asks fans to purchase Chivas shirts for reinforcements

Amaury Vergara asks fans to purchase Chivas shirts for reinforcements

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President and owner ChivasAnd the Amaury Vergara, Fan request Guadalajara Buy shirts From the team to Be able to bring in reinforcements Next season.

Amauri Talk to followers Sacred flock In a live broadcast on your account InstagramA follower crossed over and asked him to give him a shirt.

“If I buy it, I’ll ask them to sign it now I can’t give up shirts for everyone; I need support and what Buy shirts to bring in reinforcementsThe manager said.

In another of the many questions that fans asked him, Vergara He was interrogated before Possible reinforcements For next season. Specifically by Orbelín Pineda s Carlos Salcedo.

Salcedo and Orbelín I will not comment on thatOrbelín again now, no, he’s on another team we have to Focus on where we areThere is no employment now, we’ll see in the summer window, “he said.

Finally the head Sacred flock He said right now Didn’t think about “running” For any player on campus.

By a small amount We won’t run to anyone; We are who we are and I will not talk about who I will bring, because We are who we are“He completed.

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