Amazon acquires a fleet of 85 planes and 50,000 trucks for Christmas delivery

Amazon acquires a fleet of 85 planes and 50,000 trucks for Christmas delivery

Los Angeles (USA). American e-commerce giant Amazon Reassure customers and suppliers that you are “ready” for the holiday season Despite the problems in the global supply chain.

This was pointed out by Amazon Vice President for Global Delivery Services, John Felton, in a blog post in which he wanted to answer questions about the company’s operational ability to distribute over the upcoming holidays.

Felton explained that the Seattle, Washington-based company has invested in planes, ships, trucks, warehouses and people. “To get what customers want, when they want and where they want it” despite the difficulties of the current context.

specific, Worldwide, Amazon will have a fleet of 85 planes, 50,000 trucks of its own and a network of 260,000 drivers to “bring the magic of Christmas to the door” of its customers.

And on sea freight, Fulton explained that the company “Double” its container handling capacity Shipping last year after reaching agreements with carriers in Critical Ports.

“All of these teams work seamlessly with the more than 1 million Amazon employees worldwide and the additional 150,000 quality assurance and delivery employees we are hiring this season in the US to help store, pick up, package, and ship customer orders,” he said. .

In addition to these measures, the chief operating officer argued, Amazon has invested in inventory planning and partnerships with suppliers to get enough products in stock.

Amazon’s announcement comes at a time when the United States and the global supply chain have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly due to Significantly increased demand through e-commerce and staff shortages, Including carriers and warehouse workers, among other reasons.

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This situation, for example, has caused this Hundreds of cargo ships have been stranded off the coast of California in recent months. With 62 cargo ships anchored Monday in front of the Los Angeles and Long Beach docks.

In Los Angeles alone, there are 200,000 containers on moored ships, according to data from port infrastructure.

These two ports handle about 40% of all containers in the US, about 40% of US imports, and 25% of exports.

In this context, US President Joe Biden announced two weeks ago that the Port of Los Angeles will operate 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday.

The decision by officials from the Port of Los Angeles, in agreement with the US Executive, followed that of the neighboring dock, Long Beach, which had already adopted the measure a few weeks earlier.

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