Amazon reveals plans to build an office tower in the shape of a snail

Amazon reveals plans to build an office tower in the shape of a snail

Virginia. Amazon Today, Tuesday, it revealed plans for the next phase of redesigning its Virginia headquarters, with a distinct 350-foot-high office tower shaped like a snail that can be climbed from the outside like climbing a mountain.

The rotating propeller building is the main attraction of the proposal which also includes several 22-storey office buildings in addition to those already under construction as the company tries to make room for 25,000 new employees in the coming years in Arlington County neighborhoods across the nation’s capital from River Potomac.

The Seattle-based company said in a blog that the building is designed to help people connect with nature.

“The natural beauty of the double helix can be seen all over our world, from engineering to our DNA, the elemental shape of galaxies, weather patterns, pine cones and seashells.”The company said. “The snail at our Arlington headquarters will provide a variety of alternative work environments for Amazon employees amidst the lush gardens and flowering trees native to the area.”

The schematics show the trees and the green area surrounding the exterior of the building, which, in addition to the fan, also looks like a Christmas tree or a snow cone.

Other less-than-satisfying comments on social media have also compared him to a stool symbol.

The company said it will allow the public to climb the mountain outside the mountain over the weekend on guided tours.

Amazon considers the building itself an “alternative workspace” for the company in contrast to the more traditional office spaces in the 22-storey buildings that will surround the spiral, which will be slightly taller than the other three buildings.

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