America vs. Pachuca: That was the controversy surrounding Quiñones' goal

America vs.  Pachuca: That was the controversy surrounding Quiñones' goal

he America Qualified for the semi-finals this Saturday afternoon at Azteca Stadium after a painful draw in stoppage time against… PachucaThanks to the goal of Julian Quiñones In the 93rd minute that unleashed the madness of all Azulcremas fans.

This match witnessed a lot of arbitration controversy from the referee's whistle. Victor Alfonso CáceresWho decided not to send off in some tight plays for both teams. Likewise, many saw the eight minutes of redemption in the second half as excessive, when America He still lost by one goal in the match.

But perhaps the most controversial play of the match wasn't a penalty or potential sending off, it was a simple one Throw in. A few seconds before the American goal was scored, the ball was disputed on the other side of the field between them Eric Sanchez And Alvaro Fidalgo.

The star of the Tuzos He was looking to “save” the ball so that time would pass, so the Spaniard went to press and in the fight for the ball left the field of play. next verb, Standard holderThe one who was directly in front of the stadium pointed out that the ball belonged to the residents of the capital. From this decision, the locals made the play that ended with the goal. Entities After a few seconds.

After observing the play in detail, it appears that… Fidalgo He was the last to touch the ball, which is why the team's fans complained Pachuca In social networks.

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Why didn't VAR intervene in the game?

If the ball is owned by Pachucathese details ultimately ended up having a direct impact on the outcome, so many wondered why that was Video Assistant Referee Caceres and the flag bearer did not support the decision, but this was not possible, as it was not a play with the possibility of reviewing for the final. Video arbitration It's a throw-in.

In TUDN broadcast, Rafa Puente Jr It was the commentator who saved these details, because in the end it was not clear who touched the ball that ended up in the visitors' net.

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