America will win even with Team B: Potro Gutiérrez

America will win even with Team B: Potro Gutiérrez

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This Monday America will travel to Honduras To face Olympiad in a party Final eighth Concachampions, although its presence has already started sparking comments in that country, as it is frequently reported that they will be using a “B band”.

However, in order to calm things down, Raul “Potro” Gutierrez, Who runs Real Spain, One of the Catracha League weightlifting clubs, pointed out that the Eagles They will strive to win the game And take advantage, regardless of the names.

“If America comes with a B-team, it will win, and it will not confuse people. As an ex-American, I say it: With beginners, experienced or With those who come they will want to winHe commented to the newspaper ten From Honduras.

And he insisted that the club’s size forces it to get good results, Apart from the competition For example, someone who doubts their commitment “does not know the roots of that team.”

In America they don’t want CONChampons

The Eagles have not disclosed the names of the players they will take to the match, although they did Santiago BanusIts athletic chief has been exterminated Upset in the club from participating in the tournamentBecause economically it does not contribute to “anything #” and players are at risk of injury.

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