AMLO and Bernardo Arévalo meet in Mexico to discuss migration

AMLO and Bernardo Arévalo meet in Mexico to discuss migration

Tabacula, Mexico.

The Bilateral meeting between Mexico and Guatemala began this Friday with a commitment to mutual aid and the establishment of an “indispensable” border. The two leaders made the announcement in a brief message to the media from Tapachula in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas.

“We are obliged to help each other in any situation, but now even more,” the Mexican president said. Andrés Manuel López ObradorIn a brief joint message with his Guatemalan counterpart, BERNARDO AREVALO DE LEON.

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The Mexican president assumed that “there will be fruits” after the meeting, while he emphasized that friendly relations between the two peoples would be strengthened.

For his part, the Guatemalan president said the visit has “very specific axes” with specific activities to bring the two countries together.

“We want a border that unites our people, the Mexican people and the Guatemalan people, a border that allows us to develop and grow together with mutual benefit, trust, enthusiasm and cooperation,” Arevalo de Leon said.

Mexican Foreign Secretary, Alicia Barcena, noted that four “main issues” would be addressed during the meeting, namely border security; railway and port infrastructure, human mobility and migration; and cooperation and development.

Likewise, the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Carlos Ramiro Martínez, indicated that although the issues discussed at the meeting were not “new”, the goal was to create a common agenda in addition to working, especially in the border area. closely.

“It is a neighborhood of cooperation that seeks growth, seeks to expand benefits, to better serve the citizens of both countries, and citizens of other states, to work closely and synergistically in the migration event through our region.

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Arévalo de León held his first meeting with the Mexican president on January 14, and the meeting comes after a regional summit in Guatemala City, attended by the United States, where priorities on immigration matters were defined.

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