Amlo faces Loret de Mola once again. He said this

Amlo faces Loret de Mola once again.  He said this

A new episode of confrontation has begun between President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and journalist Carlos Loret de Mola

A new episode of confrontation between the president began Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador And the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola.

It was all because Carlos Loret de Mola presented on Wednesday in Latin the second part of the “El Clan” report, on the influence peddling of Gonzalo “Bobby” Lopez Beltran, the son of Lopez Obrador..

Columnist correspondent This Wednesday he writes the text “Bobby and His Father, the President,” a column in which he tells the story “How corruption works inside the factory: deceived by the president’s sons and milked by his closest friends”.

Amlo launched himself again against Loret

When asked about the report submitted by Lorette de Mola, President López Obrador attacked the journalist.

in it Morning conference On Wednesday, January 10, at the National Palace. López Obrador called the journalist “corrupt” and challenged him again to exchange goods.

“He has a lot of money, nothing more than what he tells me today; his readers deserve it too because there are still a lot of people who believe him, nothing more than what he tells me today, nothing more, how much he earns, because “I'm sure he earns more than a million pesos a month as a journalist.”.

“If what ministers earn seems like a lot to us, 700,000 pesos a month, imagine a million a month.”Lopez Obrador said.

Loret responds to Amlo

“Once again, he did not deny a single line of the report about his son Gonzalo “Bobby” Lopez Beltran's influence peddling. Pure insults against me.”Columnist's response to President López Obrador.

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