AMPR President responds to withdraw the designation of Elba-Aponte

AMPR President responds to withdraw the designation of Elba-Aponte

The president of the Teachers’ Union (AMPR), Victor Manuel Bonilla Sanchez, responded on Saturday to withdraw the appointment of the Minister of Education, Elba-Ponte Santos.

“We mentioned from the start that the job of the Senate is to pass judgment on Professor Aponte and that we respect the decision, because regardless of who holds this chair, our job as the exclusive representative of the faculty will always be supervising,” said Bonilla Sanchez in written statements: “Secretary on duty and protection of our registration rights. “.

“We are confident that the governor will select someone who can create a concrete plan of action in the short, medium and long term to meet the urgent needs of our educational system and address the great challenges we face; someone who is open to dialogue and views us as collaborators, as we have always been. Our goal has always been to contribute. In improving our system in favor of our enrollment and our students who are our reason for being, ”added AMPR President.

Bonilla Sanchez replaced Aponte Santos in the presidency when Governor Pedro Pierluese appointed her to the position of Minister of Education.

Pierluese withdrew the appointment of Elba-Ponte Santos on Saturday, after Senate President Jose Luis Dalmau Santiago told him he did not have the votes to be confirmed.

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