An adventure that caps 20 years of musical history with a presentation at the Santo Domingo Olympic Stadium

An adventure that caps 20 years of musical history with a presentation at the Santo Domingo Olympic Stadium

Thanks to the Aventura, new generations of the twenty-first century were associated with a rhythm like the bachata, which would have fallen far behind in the late twentieth century. Witnessed by the number of young people who filled the Olympic stadium and was the main shoe for Romeo to return to be installed by 80,000 people for two nights as the artistic king in the cradle of bachata.

With the lights illuminating the entire space and the excitement, screams and feelings of his fans before each song, Aventura wowed his fans at his concert, though many were left waiting for special guests as is customary in these times.

“Los Tinellers,” as they called themselves early in their career, toured a whole line of songs that kept their hits going despite the group’s breakup.

It was 9:45 p.m. on Saturday when the bachato began to speed up the rhythms of the more than 40,000 people who were at the Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium, dancing with their partners, jumping and screaming and singing all songs with their eyes closed and raised, who enjoyed the two hours and 30 minutes of the concert.

Aventura has a talent with her interpretations to lead the listener to connect with the moment, the cause, and the feeling of memory itself. The greatest connection is the melodious sound and hypnosis caused by listening to Romeo Santos.

Songs such as Whose Others, For a Moment, The Wedding, Infidels, Tell Love, Angelito, When Love Was Lost, Teach Me To Forget, The Bad Guy, The Storm, among others, were well received by audiences.

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Anthony, better known as Romeo after the completion of Angelito’s song, explains to fans the different types of men, according to his standards.

“In the world there are three kinds of men, pigeons, possessives, and bad men,” the last of which is Romeo’s saying that it drives “women crazy.”

All this in order to present his song El Malo, which was published 11 years ago and with 296 million visits

Romeo sang all the praised songs and stayed on stage most of the time, went out for a few minutes to change clothes, and did the changes four times.

During the Night of Delight, the bachata kings, as they are known, gave an infamous post to the masses.

Some of the tracks were sung by Romeo and then he gave a post to the audience which did not disappoint him at any point, as all the songs were sung in the choir by the fans.

Similarly, three fans shared lively and raised their hands to Romeo asking “Who is really a fan of Aventura?”. At this point in the holiday night, two contestants stole the show, Evan and Jonathan.

Ivan switched to full vocals, with the band performing “Volví”, one of Aventura’s latest songs, and Jonathan, who came after Iván, Ella yo’s popular song. After that, the young people came down from the podium with their “hearts in their hands,” as they told Lestin Diario.

In the lively midnight, Romeo took a few seconds to congratulate producer Simon Diaz on his “excellent work” and especially his birthday wishes externally on Saturday Night 18th.

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Aventura finally said goodbye to the audience, many of whom were already leaving, but the music group played Lenny’s famous guitar to sing “Immortal,” which debuted at number five on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and was named Billboard’s Tropical Song of the Year.

Concluding his night full of adrenaline and countless notorious sentimental faces, Aventura thanked “with all his heart” for the support he had received in the Dominican Republic and asserted that it was “the best country in the world”.

The Dominican Republic is the only country where the group decided to hold a concert outside the United States on their “Timeless” tour, after Aventura closed the class as a group in February 2010 and after eleven years rejoined it was already very well received, three days after opening Box office, all tickets were sold out, so a second show had to open, this Sunday, the nineteenth, history repeats itself.

They are celebrating 20 years of their lives

This concert had meaning for Aventura beyond singing in their cherished land, they celebrated two decades of their career as a bachatera band.

Romero, Henry, Max and Lenny blew out the candles on a cake prepared on stage to celebrate with their fans the group’s famous track.

To celebrate in a big way, at the end of the night it was decorated with fireworks that lasted for more than 20 minutes.

Before the show, a parade of more than a hundred drones lit up the skies of Santo Domingo, posing characters such as: President Bear Rosette, two toasting bottles, a Dominican flag waving and at the end thanking everyone present for coming. Vaccinate and thus “make the chorus” of the sponsoring brand.

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