An expert in international politics says Ziga’s trip to El Salvador was “not an honorable visit”.

An expert in international politics says Ziga’s trip to El Salvador was “not an honorable visit”.

Napoleon Campos, an expert on international relations, believes that Zika’s visit could be “a reform program based on both democratic principles and values.”

According to international relations expert Napoleon Campos, Ricardo Zika’s visit to the country was not “an honorable visit”.

This Monday, May 10, it was announced that Joe Biden’s ambassador to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador will be making his second visit to El Salvador in less than a month and will address issues such as democracy, human rights and the struggle. Central axes of bilateral relations with the North American nation, against corruption and economic growth.

Zika is coming to the country at a time when those points are stumbling on his agenda in El Salvador, because 9 days before his arrival, the ruling party had dealt a severe blow to the judiciary and constitutional law. This was strongly condemned by the United States.

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After rejecting the ruling party’s unconstitutional regime change, Campos believes that Biden’s ambassador “carried an amendment plan based on both democratic policies and values ​​that would link El Salvador to the United States.” US Diplomatic Arsenal ”.

Among them are the Magnitsky Act, which punishes individuals involved in corruption or human rights abuses abroad, and the Engel list, which includes corrupt officials from the Northern Triangle to the Congress for providing human rights statements and economic stamps that could affect cooperation.

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Campos said many companies in Washington are likely to build “an embargo” in the face of serious attacks on the Constitution.

A few days after US Vice President Kamala Harris called on her country’s companies to respond to Buckell’s blunt blow, the already deteriorating relationship with Washington could be further undermined.

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