Andres Guardado burst into tears as he bid farewell to Betis on video

Andres Guardado burst into tears as he bid farewell to Betis on video

The last minutes of Andres Guardado As a Betis player he was filled with a deep emotion that made him The Mexican player is “broke” She burst into tears in front of the official media.

Although he tried to be strong and… He said goodbye to everyone With whom he crossed his path, the current Lyon player lived a certain moment when giving the interview, as he could not hold back his tears after watching a video clip dedicated to him.

“I'm really going to miss you so much. Thank you so much.”the Mexican stated almost at the conclusion of a lengthy talk in which he recalled the many moments and people who made it Betis became the club he lovedAfter seven years of engagement.

“I am one of them. I will take Betis wherever I go, and as has happened all these years, carrying the Mexican flag,I believe I will continue to represent Betis and its values ​​wherever I am.“Confirm.

Decision made with your family

Regarding the reason for his farewell, Guardado indicated that he discussed with his family all the details that the return to Mexico would represent in his life, adding that the possibility of extending his career is the most attractive. It is in Assad's deep interest to obtain it.

“We think it was an opportunity for me to be able to return to my country some of what I learned here. I leave with peace of mind because I left everything behind. “I hope the fans feel it that way.”

He, nicknamed the Little Prince, hoped to respond to the demands of the club he left as a reference and one of the fans’ favorites.

“I said I would fight for Betis and that's what I try to do every moment. I will go quietly to achieve all the goals we can achieve. “Not bad, I'm very proud.”

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