Angela Aguilar: This is the luxurious mansion of the famous Aguilar family Pictures

Angela Aguilar: This is the luxurious mansion of the famous Aguilar family  Pictures

Without a doubt the beautiful and talented singer, Angela Aguilar She has proven herself as one of the most popular young artists in recent years, as each of her songs is synonymous with success on various digital platforms.

In the Aguilar phenomenon

During this year, the youngest daughter of L. Baby Aguilar He grabbed the spotlight with the release of two new singles: “Bésame Mucho” and “Actually”, indicating that his fame and talent are growing like foam.

As if that wasn’t enough, YouTubers are also a real superstar on social networks; Only on Instagram he has over five million followers, which makes him one of the most listened to in the country.

Away from the stages and any social network, the Aguilar family is one of the most beloved families in the show business, so many followers wondered what the luxurious mansion they live in.

his house

While it is true that all members of the Aguilar family are completely keen on their posts, it is enough to check their Instagram profiles to see how and how they live.

For its part, “La Princesa de la Música Mexicana” has uploaded photos and videos showing the luxuries she possesses in her living room and dining room, which are very spacious, without neglecting the beautiful garden in which she poses and lost beauty.

It must be remembered that during an interview with “El Escorpión Dorado”, Pepe Aguilar admitted that his family lives in Los Angeles, California, USA; However, everything seems to indicate that the last few months have been spent on the farm or at least showing their kids’ posts.

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