Angelica Aragon is back on Televisa

Angelica Aragon is back on Televisa

Since its creation was announced, “The Last King” (also titled “The Son of the People”) is a biographical series about Vicente Fernández that will be based on a controversial book by Olga Wornat, an Argentine journalist who has been the subject of many controversies over His previous books, based on Marta Sahagún de Vox and former president Felipe Calderon, have been the subject of all kinds of speculation, a lot about his cast, which was finally revealed will lead Pablo Monteiro and Eliana Fox as Vicente Fernandez and Coca. Abarca is in adulthood, accompanied by Vince Miranda and Emilio Osorio, among others, and a name that impressed both locals and outsiders alike when the first trailer for the series was announced, which premiered on March 14: slick debut actress Angelica Aragon.

Angelica Aragon. (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage)

This is the first time in more than 25 years that the actress has starred in Televisa telenovelas such as Chispita, Días sin luna and the astonishingly successful Vivir un poco – which millions can still remember, despite being remade – returning to her forums. And if she did, then for good reason: producer Juan Osorio, responsible for the project, offered her a role that she could not refuse.

One of the reasons for Aragon’s withdrawal from TV was the dryness of characters at her age (at 68 years old) who had some relevance; This had been happening to her for years, which is why she accepted the offer from TV Azteca and Argos to appear in Mirada de mujer in 1997, becoming the season’s surprising hit — she even dumped a Carla Estrada production into the ratings, “Maria Isabel,” with Adela Noriega, who She couldn’t even remotely compete with that version of Bernardo Romero’s classic “Senora Isabel” — though she had the same problem again: no one was writing roles for women. The age that wasn’t stereotyped about self-sacrificing mothers, teachers, or demonic mother-in-law, which is why she preferred to focus on directing theater and working in cinema, where she thrived greatly.

Now, Osorio, who worked with her happily on “The House at the End of the Street” and “Days Without a Moon”, is returning her with a special role in the series Charro de Huentitán. And it is a special role, because although it does not represent anyone in the family (on the networks, when watching the promo, there were many who speculated that it could be Dona Paula, Vicente’s late mother), it is a key element in the development of the plot.

According to a source close to the production, the first actress agreed to return to Televisa for this project, drawn by the level of quality of scripts and character tailored to her: an honorary journalist visiting the Los Tres Potrillos farm to meet Vicente Fernandez and question him about the most important moments in his life. Not much is known about the character – or her name – except for the fact that she can be based in part on Olga Wornat herself, and that she represents, in a certain way, the objective view of the press (and audience) on the idol. Popular, in a more humane incarnation.

Aragon is known to be selective in her projects, but her return to the TV station where she began her career in 1981 is a significant occasion: not only does she return to the forums she knows well, but the TV station is taking back one. One of her most famous actresses is on one of their most controversial projects in decades: ‘The Last King’ is a critical project for the network and Osorio, according to the evidence, has taken care of even the smallest production details to be up to the task. The fact that the scenarios must be good because Angelica Aragon does not accept any work and their inclusion in this series is a guarantee of quality, which increases the interest in finding out what they will do with the controversial article.

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