Annette Koboro: From bikinis to fun necklines, the biker’s most dangerous looks

Annette Koboro: From bikinis to fun necklines, the biker’s most dangerous looks

It’s no secret to anyone Annette Koboro He is one of the greatest figures in entertainment thanks to the amazing work he did for several years as a cast member on The Morning Show.”Come joyOne of the most successful Aztec TV.

The model, who is 47 years old, can also say that her fame is reflected in the thousands of followers she has on her various digital platforms, since on Instagram alone she has over a million followers, who post all the content she uploads.

It is exactly in this social network where Annette Koboro She has shown that fashion is part of her daily life by flaunting her figure with a risky look that suits her perfectly, highlighting every single bit of charm she retains at the age of 47.

The best looks of Annette Koboro

one manifestation Annette Koboro The thing that adds more interactions on Instagram is the one in which she designed a green jacket that attracted a lot of attention due to the clear neckline in the front. all my viewersCome joyThey told him his body was great.

Instagram / @anetteoficial

To show that she has a gorgeous figure at the 47-year-old, the beautiful presenter raised the temperature of her followers by uploading a photo to Instagram in which she styled a bold blue outfit which she complemented with a crop top that highlighted all her curves.

Instagram / @anetteoficial

Despite her great fame, hostess Aztec TV She also takes time to rest and enjoy a few days away from the TV cameras, which is no excuse for her to stop sharing pictures on her social networks as she always shows off the luxuries she has every day.

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Case in point, a few months ago, Annette Koboro She put her figure on full display in one of the wildest pictures we’ve seen yet, as she looked stunning in a green bikini that stole all eyes. Most of the fans agreed that she has a great body at the age of 47.

Instagram / @anetteoficial

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