Another list: Why Lallo Spain left Adal Ramones to work with Eugenio Derbez | Neighbors | Series | Mexico | MX | nnda-nnlt | Mexico

Another list: Why Lallo Spain left Adal Ramones to work with Eugenio Derbez |  Neighbors |  Series |  Mexico |  MX |  nnda-nnlt |  Mexico

One of the best kept secrets of Mexican comedian Eduardo España was revealed, many years later. In an interview with El Escorpión Dorado, the actor, better known as Lalo España, finally revealed the reasons that led him to abandon Adal Ramones’ hit show “Otro Rollo”, in 2005, and go work with him. In “The Neighbors,” the hit series in which he plays the doorman of the beloved “Germán” building.

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They weren’t fights, do not tell or tell, the reason was the search for professional development and advancement in other projects. I came out of Otro Rollo before it finished … I wanted to grow up, they gave me a very cool character that I adore, “Germán” from “Necinos”, I swear to you that it is here that has brought me a lot of satisfaction in children, the elderly And many families. “He expressed Spain.

Another rollIt was a successful program directed by Adal Ramones and with the participation of characters such as Yordi Rosado, Roxana Castellanos, Gaby Platas, and Consuelo Duval. On the program, the comedians give interviews, sketches, capsules, monologues, games and challenges among many other things. It was on the air from 1995 to 2007.

mixed feelings

The actor explained that he decided to abandon the Adal Ramones project due to lack of time in order to be able to perform in Necinos. “Vecinos came, and suddenly Otro Rollo got a recording and Necinos and for me it was a very nice opportunity that Eugenio Derbez and Elías Solorio gave me”, He expressed.

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But this was not easy, in the beginning there were conflicting feelings with Adele Ramones for leaving the program, as there was always a great friendship between them.

Who is LALO Spain?

Lalo Spain, A native of Guadalajara, he entered the world of Mexican acting together with Eugenio Derbez.To the right and to the derby“.

There are people with whom I feel very grateful, one of them is Adal and the other is Eugenio Derbez. The first to open the door for me was Eugenio DerbezSpain said.

After more than 20 years of working for Televisa, Spain is one of the most famous representatives of the company. He participated in various novels outside of comics such asAngelic face“Yeah”Passion colorAnd in Mexican soap operas, such asChampions of the North“Yeah”SimulationIn addition to a large number of plays.

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