Antoine Griezmann celebrates Chicharito’s hat-trick with LA Silixi

Antoine Griezmann celebrates Chicharito’s hat-trick with LA Silixi

‘Chicharito’ celebrates one of his goals Antoine Griezmann and praises Mexican hat-trick with Frenchman MLS

The Javier Hernandez’s triple celebrated up to Barcelona Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman posted a photo of the ‘Chicharito’ celebration on his social networks after one of the three goals made by the Mexican against the New York Red Bulls.

‘Chicharito’ was celebrated as one of his goals with the LA Galaxy as Grisman The Barcelona footballer took it to upload his photo Instagram With some hearts, as well as some hands in the position of characteristic celebration. “Thanks Crack!” The answer of the Mexican gunner.

Hernandez New York collaborated with three goals in the Algerian team’s victory over the Red Bulls. ‘Chicharito’ opened the scoring in nine minutes. The spectators combined it with 26 ‘both Andrew Goodman, before the end of the first half, the Mexicans again scored 41 runs.

In the second half, ’14 ‘took his third place to 60 and the New Yorkers approached 63’ with a final 3-2. Hernandez left the switch at 78.

The three-time MLS opening goal of ‘Chicharito’ combines with two goals he scored against Inter Miami and takes first place in the points table, including two goals for his closest followers.

Griezmann, on the other hand, also had a goal day. The Frenchman scored two goals in Barcelona’s 2-1 win over Villarreal, resulting in the fall of Atletico de Madrid, and now the Catalan people are counting on themselves to reach the La Liga championship.

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Griezmann has scored eleven goals in La Liga, making him one of the top 10 goalscorers this season. However, it is far from over Lionel Messi, Leader in the field with 25 points.

The French attacker speaks of a great friendship with another Mexican in the MLS, Carlos Candle, For now they kept the colors of Real Sociedad together, but now being the star of the LAFC is one of the highlights of ‘Chicharito’.

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