Antonella Roccuzzo’s rudeness towards Shakira ignites old grudges

Antonella Roccuzzo’s rudeness towards Shakira ignites old grudges

Shakira Antonella Roccuzzo

Antonella Roccuzzo It seems to mark a position in relation to Shakira. As it turns out, Rosario organized a party to say goodbye to her Leo Messi from his role in F.C.B The Colombian singer was left out. Now, what has been an open secret for some time has been confirmed: that the businesswoman does not have any kind of intimacy with a wife Gerrard Pique.

For at least a decade, a strong rumor has spread that the wives of footballers do not have a good relationship. According to the comments of that department, Roccuzzo would never have forgiven the Colombian singer for causing Pique to break up with her friend, Noria Thomas. When Leo married Antonella, this old rumor was revived and Shakira had to publicly deny the confrontation.

“Maybe yes,” was the answer the Colombian gave when he was interviewed Telenoche, was asked if he would attend Messi’s wedding. And then, when asked about a rumor of a confrontation with Roccuzzo, she cared about ending the release.

“  I don't know where it came from & # xf3;  which - which.  I don't understand at all why they've seen us together so many times

“I don’t know where that came from. I don’t understand at all why they saw us together so many times

“I don’t know where that came from. I don’t understand at all why they’ve seen us together so many times. Someone thought to say such nonsense and the rumor seems to have taken a lot of strength. But no, we have an excellent relationship and if I can go to their wedding we’ll go, Because Gerrard and Leo have also been friends from a very young age,” he noted.

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However, the rumors have now resurfaced thanks to the news that neither Pique nor Shakira will attend Messi’s farewell party, days before he joins Paris Saint-Germain. “He had a big party at his house in Barcelona, ​​which was attended by friends and many of his Barcelona teammates, despite Gerard Pique and Shakira were not among them‘, publish portal week From Spain.

The tone of the poor relationship between Shakira and Antonella responds to the fact that Roccuzzo built a strong friendship with Pique’s ex-partner. To this day, Nuria Thomas and Rosario maintain that strong bond, which is why it seems that Roccuzzo is choosing to stay away from the singer.

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