“Apparently my show has been cancelled.”

“Apparently my show has been cancelled.”

The featherweight was out of touch on his own. Last Sunday, in Chicago, the singer will perform as part of the Sonos Festival headliner; however, He couldn't even get on stageWell, a few minutes before his presentation started The event has been cancelled.

From the beginning, “Double B“He shared with his fans that he was ready to see the fans attending the event; but after a few hours and through social networks, he announced that the organizers removed him from the venue because the concert was “apparently” suspended.

“I have bad news for you. “Now I'm coming from the festival (and) it looks like they kicked everyone out, they kicked me out too because apparently my gig got cancelled,” the musician said in a video posted on his Instagram Stories.

The singer, who is in charge of closing the event, walked out of his own performance at a ceremony. Photo: Screenshot.

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Although she herself is not clear about the reality of the situation, she has revealed it to her fans cancel was due to Heavy rain and thundershowers Delayed the start of the show for almost two hours.

“It is raining very heavily in Chicago and it seems that the government and authorities are not going to let the concert be held today,” added the musician.

Likewise, he apologized to the public, above all for understanding, because it was something beyond his control: “It's because of the weather, not because of anything else. Here I am, in Chicago, hoping I can give them a good concert when they let me,” he highlighted.

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A few minutes later, an official announcement came from the festival production. They explained that for safety reasons, they had to pause the performance, including Maluma's performance, who was already on stage when they began evacuating the venue.

Whatever happened, the “She Dances Alone” singer decided to go to a popular club in the city, where she apologized and sang three songs for those who wanted to see her a second time.

“I'm very sorry for what happened today at Suenos, but you know how much I care about the people of Chicago and how much I love you bastards, I'm going to be here,” he said at the start of his presentation. .

For her part, Maluma said she was indebted to her American fans and thanked them for the short time they were able to see each other.

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