Arbelin Pineta Cruz goes to Spain without a loan in Azul

Arbelin Pineta Cruz goes to Spain without a loan in Azul

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Orbelin Pineta He went to Spain tonight To report with his new team after he left Cruz Azul. The player made it clear that he was through the door before he left the Celestial Club and now he will do it European adventure With Zelda Vigo.

“I am just fine. I left a star on the shield and went out the front door. I do not owe anyone, No team players, no coaching staff and no guidance, now I have a beautiful experience, ”he said.

The Mexican footballer will report with Sacho Coote Will meet again with Nestor Arjo, He is known from the Mexican national team.

There is A good platform. You have to use it a lot. “.

It should be noted that the pinata He came out as a free player After he disagreed with the cement board for the summer renovation, he began to analyze his options. He signed with Zelda later this year In Guard1anes 2021 he will be crowned Querétaro, Chivas and beyond the machine to achieve the European dream.

He mentioned that one day he would return to Cruz Azul

In an interview with TUDN, Mexican Farewell to the celestial fans In an emotional way. In fact, in the conversation he promised one day Will return with the cement setWho joined him in 2019.

Now I have another country and another culture, Hope to get involved as soon as possible. Life was created to constantly celebrate everything you do. “(…) Not saying goodbye, see you soon”.

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