Are you worried about rough play? “It’s a choice with tradition.”

Are you worried about rough play?  “It’s a choice with tradition.”


In a preview of this Friday’s matchup between Argentina and Honduras In Miami, Lionel Scalloni He addressed a press conference and analyzed the incumbent competitor.

Coach Argentina He showed great respect for Baikalor, directed by Diego Vasquez.

“What do I expect? Honduras? First of all, a lot of respect because it’s a good team, it’s come to the World Cup, it’s not going to be the team it’s going to play now, it’s a team with tradition, it’s always good. Football players and that’s it. “We respect Honduras and we went into the game thinking we had to do our best and there’s no doubt in our minds that we’re not going to underestimate anybody,” Scaloni said.

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Likewise, Albiceleste’s DD was asked if the friendly against Honduras was due to the search for an opponent with some similarities to Mexico, who they will meet at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Honduras It’s a good choice, it’s not really what we want to play. Honduras Because it is aligned with Mexico, but because it has emerged as a competitor and is really interested, I think it is important in this case, even if it comes from the same confederation, it does not have to play the same way,” he explained. .

Journalist Carlos Castellanos, Special Envoy of DIEZ in Miami, conducted the consultation. Scalloni About whether he has already defined the 11th Argentina.

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“I’m going to wait to talk to some players, especially Lisandro Martínez who arrived yesterday, but that’s what we’ve been doing lately, those who follow the team know, two or three changes at the end. The base is always the same, that’s the way,” he clarified.

On the other hand, Lionel Scaloni Asked if he was worried about rough play HondurasConsidering the World Cup is so close.

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“I have never seen a worse game HondurasIt’s football, the referee is there to decide, I don’t see that foul play you’re talking about, we’re calm because it’s going to be a football game and I hope a great show comes to the crowd. Look at that,” he said.

Scaloni also hinted that Messi will feature against Honduras. “He always wants to play, with me – I’ve already said it many times – he’s always going to play, there’s no doubt. Unless something happens, he’ll play and always be on the court, it’s a different case than any other, that goes without saying.

And he continued: “Messi is good, he is happy, he is playing well, he is in a team that understands him and has found a way to play, I think he has taken a step forward in his team, we are happy for his present”.

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