Argentine Pedro Truglio made his debut with another player at Olympia: where are the previous players? – ten

Argentine Pedro Truglio made his debut with another player at Olympia: where are the previous players?  – ten

Pedro Truglio Came to me Honduras to raise Olympiad from ashes. The club had no title for three years and during the arrival of the Argentinian, Albo Club was again a champion so much so that it is the three-time Honduran football champion.

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The Argentine coach has already been on the field for two and a half years Honduras He also wants to leave a legacy for the Honduran club in terms of young values ​​taken from the reserves. However, in this thread it was not so good.

Troglio has so far made his six-player debut in two and a half years with Olympia, featuring Guzman FigueroaWho is the footballer who has played the most number of matches in the white club shirt?

The first item he made was new Honduras He was Japheth channelsHe is a defender who played only 16 minutes against him life employment Siba. Now the football player plays in Managua from Nicaragua.

The second was a midfielder Pedro Gonzalez, who debuted on February 12, 2020 in a 5-0 win over Honduras progress Where he scored one of the goals, however, more than a year later, he appeared again only to add just 33 minutes.

Lauro Chimilio made his Olympia debut at Apertura 2021.

Then came the first offer of Minor’s nephew, Gusman Figueroa Who is the most regular with 28 games without seeing the goal? He is also the first nephew Johnny LeveronAnd Andre Orellana, which was loaned to him Platency.

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and that is Pedro Truglio He’s very careful about this, because the last tournament only showed up for the first time Axel Jamir Maldonado in a duel in front of marathon. He did it coming from a seven-minute exchange, the minutes he only has in the National League.

finally joined Lauro ChemilioThe young man who saw the first minutes in front of him Honduras progress He stands well in the midfield. Friend Brian Bekelis He came from the reserves and got a chance to be one of the under-20s in Apertura 2021.

The players that Pedro Truglio made his Olympia debut

Opening 2019-2020
Japhet Emmanuel Canales
First Appearance: November 20, 2019: La Ceiba: Life 2 Olimpia 3
Play 16 minutes, no more
* Play in Nicaragua.

Close 2019-2020
Pedro Ramon Gonzalez
Debut: February 12, 2020: Olympia 5 Honduras Progreso 0 scored 1 goal
You only have 33 minutes in 2 games
* Stay in the club.

Guzman Alexandre Figueroa
First Appearance: March 4, 2020: El Progreso: Honduras Progreso 0 Olimpia 0
28 posts 0 goals
* Stay in the club.

Opening 2020-2021
Andre Orellana
First Appearance: October 10, 2020: Tegucigalpa: Olimpia 3 UPNFM 1
She has 4 posts
* Platency loan.

Close 2020-2021
Axel Jamir Maldonado
First Appearance: April 27, 2021: Tegucigalpa: Olympia 2 Marathon 1
You only have 7 minutes, no more
* Stay in the club.

Opening 2021-2022
Lauro Armando Cimilio
Debut: August 25, 2021: Tegucigalpa: Olympia 2, Honduras Progreso 1
Play 45 minutes as a beginner
*I just drew.

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