Ariarn Ditmus defeats Katie Ledecky, who did not win a medal in the 200 freestyle

Ariarn Ditmus defeats Katie Ledecky, who did not win a medal in the 200 freestyle

Looks like Tokyo has its new queen in the water. In Rio de Janeiro, Katie Ledecki’s name is engraved on the Aquatic Olympic Stadium, where she was expected to capture her third land in Japan. However, it seems that the American did not budget for the arrival of an Australian monster who had already snatched two gold medals.

Ariarn Ditmus He had his first major international event at the 2017 World Cup and he took first place in his career at the Commonwealth Games. This is only the beginning of the story, and after waiting for his first Olympic trials, He is already approaching the best moment of his career by completing his victories at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics..

His first report was in the 400-meter freestyle, which was supposed to be purely for Ledecky, but made a second difference of .67 per cent. Now, At 200 meters of the same style they were expected to be a reflection of the North American, but the situation was unfavorable when he disappeared from the fight And leave the highlight to Ditmus and Sioban Hockey’s amazing performance.

Despite a good start, the competition was not for her and on the last return Ditmus made the difference to earn her second gold medal. One would think that adding an Olympic record of 1: 53.50 would be a surprise, but the truth is, it’s a tough blow to get Ledecky off the medal table. From the history expected in a new competition, everything was proud of one and disappointing fifth place for the other who recorded 1: 55.21. Now, 1500 meters is believed to be the salvation.

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Ledecky is in the oblivion of Rio 2016

Four individual medals Katie Ledecky was expected to win on an individual level, however those expectations have been halved and one should remember with good faith how amazing the Olympics were five years ago. As Phelps closed his career and Simone Piles shone, Ledecky was able to join both of these events by winning four gold and one silver. That is a far cry from reality today.

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