Arsenal XI vs Leicester: Latest Team News and Series – Party, Abamayang and Lockett Launch; Willian no

Arsenal XI vs Leicester: Latest Team News and Series – Party, Abamayang and Lockett Launch;  Willian no

Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Abamayang returns to the starting XI against Leicester City tonight.

Abameyang struck out 16 minutes before full time on Thursday to avoid Arsenal’s blues and kick off the Europa League campaign 2-1.

Michael Arteta has made changes to that win in Austria, with Kieran Tyrney and Hector Beller coming back.

In midfield, Thomas Party retained his place after a full-fledged debut on Thursday, with Danny Cephalos joining Granit Shaga.

Spaniard was injured like Willian for the trip to Vienna, but did not leave Brazil.

Arsenal XI: Lenovo, Bellarin, Louis, Gabriel, Tyrney, Cephalos, Shaga, Party, Saga, Lockett, Abamayang

Subs: Rannerson, Maidland-Niles, Pepe, Mustafi, Elneni, Villak, Nketia

Leicester Eleven: Schmidt, Fopana, Evans, Fuchs, Costagne, Tilemans, Mendy, Justin, Brad, Madison, Barnes

Subs: Morgan, Verdi, Albrighton, Ward, Ihianacho, Under, Chaudhry

Referee: Craig Bowson

See from Emirates

This is the team that many Arsenal fans call. Arsenal look as if they are marching 4-3-3, with the newly signed Thomas Party showing his first appearance here at the Emirates Stadium.

He holds the keys to this midfield and will co-host the show with Danny Cephalos and Granit Shaga. It is a wonderful combination and looks very consistent.

It’s interesting that the front three and the Buccaneer saga start again in front of them. He is soon becoming a regular for Michael Arteta, this time he is cultivating on the right.

The arrival of Pierre-Emerick Abamayang is certainly just in time after he hits the winner at midwick – but it will be interesting to see how the Alexandre Lockett exhibitions take the lead. He fought in Austria.

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