Arturo Carmona provides details of his daughter Milini’s complaint

Arturo Carmona provides details of his daughter Milini’s complaint
In a Ventaneando exclusive interview, Arturo Camerona Talk for the first time how Processing Legal that began against her abuser Melini Carmona Villarreal 19 years.

Let’s remember that on March 8, in the framework of International Women’s Day, a daughter Alicia Villarreal He denounced on social media that he was a victim of sexual assault by a relative five years ago.

On this occasion, beloved actor revealed that the demand It was already underway, although he was very careful because, on the recommendation of his legal team, he could not divulge the details so as not to impede the investigation.

“I can’t talk about that now because Lawyers I can’t talk about that yet. We are in the process of the process and the complaint has been filed from the first day and they do not allow me to say much so as not to hinder anything. “It is to explain.

So he announced.

Arturo also pointed out Lover From her daughter, Patrick Ojama, Who also showed him his refuge in his public complaint. Regarding his son-in-law, the actor admitted that he showed Melini a lot of respect and above all support at this time.

“Yes, he is a good boy and there are a lot of people who love him and Supports And in my case, well, I’m his father. “Carmona concluded.

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