ATH renews its identity with a more modern and simple logo

ATH renews its identity with a more modern and simple logo

Betting on modernity and simplification, currency transaction processing company EvertekAnd Today it introduced the new identity of its brand ATH.

ATH, which in its early days was just a debit card with a pin number, also includes ATM services for withdrawing or depositing money, and electronic money transfers through ATH Móvil and ATH Business products. Services that have gained great popularity in recent years due to the advancement of digitization.

“What really is ATH? It is much more than a card, than an ATM. ATH is always access to your money”Mike Vizcarondo said during a press conference held at Caribbean Cinemas VIP, located in the San Patricio Plaza Shopping Center, in Guinabo.

For her part, Vice President of Marketing at Evertec, Alexandra Lopez, confirmed that ATH’s new identity has evolved through a slogan that, in her opinion, is in line with today’s digital and mobile world.

The identity has simplified and unified the ATH and ATH Móvil brands, while the logo lettering has been specifically designed with the intention of expressing simplicity, grace and transparency.

ATH’s new graphic identity and services ATH Móvil and ATH Business. (accompanying)

“This change allows us to further develop the brand of ATH, ATH Móvil and ATH Business as products that facilitate the exchange of money between business and consumers.”Lopez said.

Change in ATH . identity Involves an investment of about $200,000Which will include an advertising campaign through various media. Likewise, they will hold various events for customers to get to know the brand.

On whether the campaign will address the security issue in the face of recent fraud incidents by ATH Móvil, Lopez noted that the events will help consumers “know it’s the brand they trust, but it’s just been re-engineered.”

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However, Vizcarrondo stressed that to avoid fraud through ATH Móvil, customers should not disclose their security information, unless a call is made to a banking institution.

Evertec’s success

Vizcarondo highlighted that Evertec is currently the leading electronic transaction company in Puerto Rico and Latin America, with a presence in 26 countries. It has more than 2,500 employees, of which 1,400 are on the island.

in 2020, The company generated $511 million in revenue while processing more than 3 billion transactions.

In the case of ATH, He confirmed that they process more than 1,000 million transactions annually, given that more than 50,000 Puerto Rican businesses accept the product.

Meanwhile, ATH Móvil 1.7 million registered users, while at the same time about 20,000 companies were registered with ATH Business.

On press questions, Vizcarrondo said that the ATH card is still the product with the highest number of transactions on the island, despite the advancement of digital products.

“The wind is in favor of ‘online’ and digital cell phone transactions. There are still more transactions in plastic than digital channels, but the idea is for the consumer to choose. We are here to give you choices and for the consumer to choose what they want to use. ATH is not plastic, ATH is the network that You get your money as you want., stipulated.

Regarding the company’s potential innovations, Vizcarrondo emphasized that it is constantly making changes to its platforms, while anticipating growth in contactless payment cards.

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