AWE Double or nothing results: Omega needs all his belts to retain

AWE Double or nothing results: Omega needs all his belts to retain

Kenny Omega might be the AEW World boss and the Belt Collector. Yet, he wasn’t the headliner of Double or Nothing on Sun. May 30, at any rate, not on the off chance that you characterize “headliner” as the keep going match on a card.

It was certifiably not an amazing choice, given his Triple Threat title safeguard in Jacksonville met up generally late in the PPV’s fabricate. There’s a lot of history among Kenny and PAC and among PAC and Orange Cassidy. However, no one anticipated this booking a month prior.

Be that as it may, while there was little uncertainty about the result, there was amusing to be had – particularly thinking about the full house at Daily’s Place there to root for good-for-nothing legend Cassidy. What’s more, he began hot, or whatever…

It was the Bastard from Britain giving people motivation to “ooh” and “ahh” in the principal ha

lf of the match, however.

Omega, in the long run, took control, if just to set up a couple of OC trust spots. Their one-on-one fight likewise set up this great 450 from PAC.

Down the stretch, there were large spots (and a few possibilities for Cassidy to pop the group by insubordinately placing his hands in his pockets), yet neither Omega nor PAC could get three. The nearest near fall may have come when OC plunged in to attempt to take a pin after the Bastard hit the champ with a super Falcon Arrow.

That was additionally why PAC had no tolerance for Orange’s protected shin kicks. A dirty move in this no exclusion match set up the Black Arrow; however, Omega separated the pin. Kenny omega and the Brit countered each other’s finishers and permitted Cassidy to procure a near fall by hitting the champ with an Orange Punch and Beach Break! However, before OC could stick PAC after another Orange Punch, Don Callis ran in from discourse to pull ref Bryce Remsburg from the ring.

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More heelish jokes followed. At the point when Omega couldn’t get PAC to deliver Cassidy from his Brutalizer accommodation, he assaulted Remsburg, all things considered. While the ref was out, he had Callis toss his titles to him individually, utilizing each as a weapon.

While the Collector was boasting about how he managed his belts, Cassidy hit one more Orange Punch. Yet, it took some time for backup, true Aubrey Edwards, to show up, and around there, Kenny recuperated to kick out, at that point to stick OC.


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