Aylín Mujica has been canceled on Telemundo

Aylín Mujica has been canceled on Telemundo

After just over two months on the air, the filter a program Conducted by Alain Mujica and Rodner Figueroa Leave a Telemundo signal.

Although the network and the presenters did not talk about it, it is assumed that Main reason for cancellation will be the Low rating reported; In addition to the fact that the channel will record a huge loss in its viewers at the end of the reality broadcast “So you dance” And just before the start of transmission.

Refinery means a Big failure of TV American, because although it was initially created to report everything that happened in the reality of the series, it was also believed that Successor to “Suelta La Sopa”which will be discontinued in December.

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For its part, La Opinion portal shared that a source close to the production confirmed it The drivers failed to impress the public, Well, Telemundo could have put together a focus group to see acceptance of the program, but Rodner wasn’t very favourite, as Eileen has been criticized for being responsible for a show of this kind without being a journalist.

At the moment, the TV station has already taken measures in this matter, and to fill the gap left by the broadcast, it has decided to postpone the start of “Así se baila” for an hour, until they find a way to solve the situation.

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