Bad Bunny attacks J Balvin for the Latin Grammy chaos

Bad Bunny attacks J Balvin for the Latin Grammy chaos

Another sound has been added to the lawsuit with Reggaeton on the way to the 2021 Latin Grammys.

Now, Puerto Rican Bad Bunny said in a radio interview that Colombian J. Balvin shouldn’t have complained against the Latin Academy of Music and admitted that Medellin’s reggaeton song “Agua” did not deserve an award nomination.

“I received four nominations for the last world tour. I think I should have received more nominations. Balvin was nominated for Water, he was upset and they nominated him for Water. I’m Perrio alone” if I were a Grammy judge, the interpreter told “Alofoke Radio show,” the interpreter told ‘Alofoke Radio show,’ I wouldn’t recommend it or Nickelodeon would take it into account.”

After that, Bad Bunny went on to comment on the Colombian song and said his best thing was the track.

“The coolest thing about Agua’s song is the track Tainy did. I don’t consider it a Grammy-worthy subject,” he highlighted.

“Hawaii (by Maluma) is a song that I say, hell, it’s a Maluma reggaeton, even though it’s the most pop song you can have, it’s a good song. But for example, Sech album for me is Good reggaeton album. I don’t know if he scored it or entered the season, but it would have had two or three nominations.”

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Shortly after the nominations for the Latin Grammy were announced at the end of September, Colombian reggae artist J. Balvin exploded against the awards because, according to him, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the United States does not appreciate urban singers.

The translator of “Ginza” also invited, via social networks, other reggaeton players to join him and boycott the awards ceremony to be held in November.

“The Grammys don’t value us, but they need us. It’s my opinion and nothing against other genres because they deserve all the respect. But the trick is really boring…”, said Palvin via his Twitter account.

After these expressions, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Residente responded to the remarks made by J Balvin and I went down hard.

“To understand why I am lost, Jose. If the Grammys Don’t Appreciate Us, Why Do I Have 31 Grammys. I’m not urban, no rap? What type are we talking about? asked resident Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin, the real name of the Colombian reggaeton.

Myke Towers, who may have been nominated for the first time, will tell you not to go to the Grammys, because they come from your pillows’,” said the Puerto Rican, after referring to other advocates of the type that was nominated this year for the tweeter.

The 27-year-old Towers was nominated in the “Best Urban Music Album” category for “Lyke Mike” and in the “Best Urban Song” and “Best Reggaeton Performance” categories for his song “Curiosity” alongside Jay Wheeler.

Moreover, this year they dedicated it to Robin Blades, Are you telling urban type people to boycott the awards and not celebrate the life of artist Robin Blades? The man who marked the history of Latin American music. A man, unlike you, writes and feels his songsrebuke

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“I would have believed you about the boycott if last year, when you were nominated 13 times, you didn’t go to the Grammys, But you didn’t ask for a boycott. I’m sure I had a change of clothes for each award, but as of the 13 nominations, I’ve only won one Grammy, and now the boycott is back.”

In the field of comments that exceeded hundreds in an hour, the Colombian artist responded to Residente in a simple and polite manner. “Respect your opinion”.

The controversy continued with several posts between artists, however, Residente deleted his initial post and later revealed that J Balvin had contacted him to beg him to delete it.

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