Bamso defeats Footprints of the Century in the semi-finals of the local basketball

Bamso defeats Footprints of the Century in the semi-finals of the local basketball

Victor Les, of Pamseo, in a dribbling move featuring Randy Bautista, of Hulas del Cieglo. external source

Santo Domingo, d. – Reinforcements from Santiago Victor Les and rookie Jean Quezada were Huellas del Siglo’s executors in Bameso’s victory, 91-83, at the conclusion of Sunday’s session of the 46th District National Championship.

Liz was the game’s top scorer with 24 points and 10 rebounds to go to the anchors with a double double, and formed an exceptional duo with rookie Jean Quezada, who also achieved two records in scoring with 20 points and in rebounds he got 12. .

Liz and Quezada were supported by imported Trahson Borrell with 14 shots and five rebounds, and Edward Santana with 13 and five catches.

Jean Quezada from Pamaso came strong to score two points over Anthony Johnson and Richard Bautista from Hulas del Siglo. external source.

In Huellas’ loss, Richard Bautista was the best with 21 points, five rebounds and five assists, Darwin Cabrera impressed with two 19 points and 10 rebounds, Angel Boelo contributed 12 and Randy Bautista with 11 points, six assists and five. helps.

Bameso starts the semi-final round with the right foot with a score of 1-0, Huellas is 0-1, in the tournament dedicated to César Cedeño and BanReservas Cup and is played at the Palacio de los Deportes Prof. Virgilio Naughty Soto.

Tuesday’s semi-final matches

The District Championship ends on Monday and continues on Tuesday with a double bill on the second date of the semi-finals, at 7:00 and 9:00 at night.

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The proceedings were opened by the Bameso teams against San Lázaro, and two hours later the teams from Huellas del Siglo would do so against Mauricio Báez.

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