Barcelona have agreed Ricky Rubio for 2024

Barcelona have agreed Ricky Rubio for 2024

plan Barcelona From the basket it is clear: to be as similar as possible to the successful Spanish team. The first step was signing Joel BarraIt was officially announced today after passing the medical review yesterday. The second is the arrival of the brothers Hernangomez, Willy and Juancho, very advanced operations but not yet closed. The third may take a little longer but it’s still more impressive: a comeback Ricky Rubio affiliate NBAwhere he played the last twelve seasons.

It is not a dream but a very real possibility, to the point that Juan Carlos NavarroDirector of the Basketball Department Barcelonaand the current base of Cleveland Cavaliers They have already discussed this topic in recent weeks to lay the foundations for the return of the 32-year-old from El Masno to Palau. Various sources familiar with the communications have confirmed to Mundo Deportivo that there is great harmony between the two parties and that the process is practically agreed upon. Ricky Rubio, however, later denied via social media that there was an agreement with Barcelona.

trained in Joventut, Ricky Rubio actually played for Barcelona between 2009 and 2011, being one of the members of the team that lifted the Euroleague 2010 in Paris. In the summer of 2011, he jumped to the NBA, where he played the last twelve seasons Minnesota Timberwolves (2011-17 and 2020-21), Utah Jazz (2017-19), Phoenix Suns (2019-20) and Cleveland Cavaliers (2021 to date).

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“When (his three-year-old son) starts elementary school, I don’t want to prolong his career in the NBA any longer, so that he doesn’t move him from one place to another, and the option will be to go home.”

Ricky RubioCavaliers player

king Ricky He had already admitted to Mundo Deportivo a few days ago that his time in the NBA was coming to an end and his idea in the future was to return home to play here in the last years of his career. “We’re very clear that when (his three-year-old son) starts elementary school, I don’t want to prolong his career in the NBA, so he won’t move from place to place and the choice will be to go home. Don’t move from El Masnou and go where you can go.” Choosing a team now wouldn’t make sense but I would say leaving Catalonia, no,” he progressed blonde.

Al Qaeda didn’t want to get any more specific but the fact is that he already had a pre-determined agreement with BarcelonaIf he doesn’t twist, he will see him wear a Barcelona shirt from next summer as long as his physical condition allows. In the meantime, his idea is to carry out the penultimate two years of the contract he left with Cleveland Cavaliers Then seek an agreed exit from the American concession. The good relationship of the player with the leaders Caves And the possibility that the team could free up his salary for the 2024-25 season (nearly $6.5 million) to allocate to younger talent suggests he would have no problem terminating his contract at that time. Al-Masnu player, who returned to action last January after being out of work for a year after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, averaged 5.2 points and 3.5 assists in 33 games played this season (17.7 minutes).

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Ricky Rubio, in a match with Barcelona in 2010

Pep Morata / en

blonde Don’t aspire to win Barcelona An amount close to what you will stop receiving from Knights. In fact, he has already made it clear His motives for returning home have nothing to do with money, but with the stability of his family. The starting point guard, who will be around 34 (it will be in October), is willing to sign for a much smaller sum than his real stash, as he has done. Marc Gasol in Girona.

Access Ricky Rubio Palau will end up drawing the most “patriotic” Barcelona in recent times. Of the problems with last year’s training sessions (I started with just four, the minimum set by the ACB: VisibleAnd PaoliAnd Martinez And Opens) to a comfortable position in this section, with the Spanish team’s core as the team’s backbone. If all goes well, Barcelona will have a team within a year Ricky RubioAnd Joel BarraAnd Alex AbrinzAnd Juancho Hernangomez And Willy Hernangomezpossible starting pentagon from the selection, as well as with James Nagy If he hasn’t gone to the NBA yet.

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