Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – Match Report – April 5, 2023

Barcelona vs.  Real Madrid – Match Report – April 5, 2023

BARCELONA (Jordi Blanco, Reporter) — Real Madrid will play in the Copa Final after coming back from a 0-1 deficit against Barcelona at the Bernabeu at Camp Nou on Spotify and beating Barcelona 4-0. Mature, supportive, patient and fast, Ancelotti’s team knew how to read the game with seniority, which was more than Barca’s, which was weighed down first by its absence and then by the score.

Xavi warned in the preview that Madrid, of all things, was the favorite, and the Merengue team acknowledged him, he calmly entered the game, he did not lose his composure before Barça tried to attack and win little by little, control the game. A potential penalty was quickly contested by Alaba’s hand, which was not yet on the ground when Rafinha’s center was cut down but was ignored by the referee, who argued that even the play would not serve as an alibi to explain Barca’s collapse.

He wanted but couldn’t, he looked for the shot but couldn’t find a way to trigger it, in front of him he found a Vinicius who showed his immense footballing class for the first time in his fight with Araujo. They kept them at bay, equal parts inciting and provocative, but he was the main reason for the 0-1 and the 0-3 that buried local confidence.


Barca were 1-0 up on the brink of half-time… and they looked for the goal too eagerly to not attend a brilliant Madrid counter, who beat Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Marcos and Counte, never reaching Balde or anyone else. Araujo looked confused when Benzema fed the ball to Vinicius, who shot low, although Kante was able to keep it out.

The dual ended with a tie, with the public believing Barça could take the second half with more intensity… but what was seen was an exhibition from Madrid that destroyed a much weaker Barça.

Five minutes from time to follow, Modric signaled Sergi Roberto badly, leaving his mark at will and finding Benzema at the front of the area. He handed the ball to him and the grateful Frenchman, with a tight, smooth and incredible shot that didn’t slip into the net. His solitary state is unbelievable.

Xavi’s team was already playing against the clock and against logic they had to do it before it was game time, Vinicius, as smart as anyone, knew to stir in the area and look for Kessie’s feet, who unquestioningly trampled him. Penalty, Benzema’s goal and end of story.

History-seeking Barca, who have won three Clasicos in a row against Madrid, were little more than a broken doll in the hands of a rival who had the chance to make the win historic, reversing last season’s 0-4 defeat. The Bernabeu once again, thanks to Benzema, who scored a hat-trick and was a disaster for Kante, Marcos, Erik and anyone else.

There was even a fear of the little hand in the environment… a little hand that Madrid didn’t have or didn’t need, storming through the Camp Nou in the second half that destroyed Barca at the time. In that I was really excited about the season.

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