Basketball in Rivadavia de Junín • Diario Democracia

Basketball in Rivadavia de Junín • Diario Democracia

Rivadavia de Junin, The main entity of Belgrano neighborhood in our city, will return with basketball in 2021.

You will do this as a pilot with one class, First Class, in the Lightning competition that starts on the 15th of next month.

the match

First date

July 9 vs Kowloon (China)

San Martin Vs Deportivo Baiguretta

Argentino vs. Junin

Cavul vs Junines Cyclist

Indians vs Sarmiento

Free: Rivadavia

Second date

Sarmiento vs Cavul

Juninense vs. Argentine cyclist

Junin versus San Martin

Deportivo Baiguretta vs. July 9

Colon (ch) versus rivadavia

Free: Indians

Third date

Rivadavia versus Deportivo Baiguretta

July 9 Vs Junín

San Martin versus Junenice Cyclist

Argentino vs Sarmiento

Kafol versus the Indians

Free: colon (ch)

Fourth date

Indians vs Argentinians

Sarmiento versus San Martin

Juninense rider against July 9th

Gonen vs. Rivadavia

Deportivo Baiguretta vs Kowloon (China)

Free: Cavall

Fifth history

Kowloon (CH) vs. Junin

Rivadavia vs. Juninense cyclist

July 9 against Sarmiento

San Martin versus the Indians

Argentino vs Cavall

Free: Deportivo Baiguretta

Sixth history

Cavul opposite San Martin

Indians v. 9 July

Sarmiento vs. Rivadavia

Junensee Cyclist vs Kowloon (China)

Gonen vs. Deportivo Baiguretta

Free: Argentinian

Seventh date

Deportivo Baiguretta versus Cecilista Juninens

Colon (Ch) vs. Sarmiento

Rivadavia vs. Los Indios

July 9 against Kavol

San Martin vs Argentino

Free: Junín

History VIII

Argentino vs July 9

Cavall versus Rivadavia

Los Indios v. Kowloon (China)

Sarmiento versus Deportivo Baiguretta

Cyclist Juninense Vs Junín

Free: San Martin

Ninth date

Junin vs Sarmiento

Deportivo Paigoretta opposite Los Indos

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Kowloon (CH) vs. Cavul

Rivadavia vs. Argentino

July 9 against San Martin

Free: Juninense cyclist

Tenth date

San Martin versus Rivadavia

Argentino vs Colon (China)

Cavul versus Deportivo Piguretta

Indians Versus Junin

Sarmiento vs. Junenissi cyclist

Free: July 9

History Eleven

Juninense cyclist vs. Los Indios

Junin vs. Kavol

Deportivo Paigoreta versus Argentino

Kowloon (CH) vs San Martin

Rivadavia vs. July 9

Free: Sarmiento.

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