Basketball suspended and Nacional and Penarol left without playing in the Classics

Basketball suspended and Nacional and Penarol left without playing in the Classics

Nacional and Penarol were left unplayed on Tuesday three days before they faced each other on the thirteenth and final date of the first round of the Uruguayan Basketball League.

They both had matches pending from the seventh stage of the competition, but Because of the rain can not play.

Both at the Unión Atlética court, where Nacional serves as a local, and at the Palacio Peñarol, The prevailing humidity made it impossible Let the games begin.

Nacional was playing with Universitario and Penarol against Olympia.

The three colors were preferred because two of their foreign chips came out of covid-19, Dominic Morrison and Quincy Miller.

Both matches will then be rescheduled.

Specifically in Unión Atlética they will play on Friday, 7:00 pm, Nacional and Peñarol on the thirteenth date whose other matches are played between Thursday and Friday, except for The authentic Uruguayan classic basketball between Aguada and Goes which the Uruguayan Basketball Association decided not to play due to the outbreak of the covid-19 virus on the aguatero campus. The missionary won the match 20 to 1.

The confrontation between Nacional and Penarol will be played under a strong security operation and only with 650 fans of the tricolor, and without visiting the audience.

An additional spice will be the rain and dampness that may appear on the stage.

normal stage points PJ PG s GF GF
He goes 25 13 12 1 973 852
peugeot 23 13 10 3 1138 1056
maybe 22 13 9 4 1109 1037
Malvin 21 13 8 5 1009 1042
Hebrew Maccabi 20 13 7 6 1086 1101
Olympiad 19 12 7 5 1024 960
water* 17 13 8 5 968 928
Penarol 17 11 6 5 845 814
Sporting Defender 17 13 4 9 970 1033
University of Urundi 16 12 4 8 935 986
National 16 11 5 6 920 956
truffle 16 13 3 10 1007 1092
Olivel Mondial 16 13 3 10 1009 1052
Capitol Building 15 13 2 11 1025 1108
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If rain and stadium conditions permit, the league will continue from Thursday with the start of the second round.

Aguada will deliver the issued note, who has not played on his stage since February 2020 after sending it The penalty was six times closing the court for the incidents with Sayago.

In March 2020, that tournament (the 2019-20 League) was suspended for several months due to a pandemic and ended up at the Antel Arena in a bubble. The 2021 League was played in Biguá two days after the start date at Palacio Peñarol. In his last match in that tournament, Aguada ended up punishing off-field accidents after being eliminated against the Capitol. The whole first wheel, the aguatero had to play at his home in Larre Borges.

These are the scheduled meetings:

fourteenth date

Aguada-Malvin, at 19:00 in Aguada
Olivol Mundial-Defensor Sporting, 21:15 at the Olivol Mundial
Capitol Urban, 9:15 p.m., Capitol Building
Goes-Olympia, 9:15 p.m. at Goes
University of Urunday-Biguá, 9:15 pm at University of Urunday
Hebraica Macabi-Peñarol, 9:15 p.m. at Larry Burgess
National Trouville, 9:15 p.m. at the IAAF

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