BBVA suffers from “internal terrorism”

BBVA suffers from “internal terrorism”

An attempt to modernize the BBVA’s public systems caused an error that caused “internal terrorism” in the bank, which was responsible for the fact that on Sunday and part of Monday, millions of users in the country had problems carrying out operations. .

On Sunday, BBVA Mexico users were unable to make transactions with cards, mobile banking and ATMs, which prevented them from making payments, deposits, purchases, transfers and money withdrawals.

The institution said that it tried in the early hours of Sunday to make a series of adjustments to modernize computer systems and enhance technological services in the face of the high transactions coming for the last months of the year, but this attempt led to the update of BBVA systems, which led to an error that led to the disconnection of mobile banking and mobile banking services. ATM and card transactions affected, forcing the bank to reverse the changes it attempted.

The systems update problem was so big that it required hundreds of people from the bank in Mexico and other technology partners located in different parts of the world to devote themselves to solving the problem and rebuilding the system.

“What happened yesterday (Sunday) was something that I would classify as internal terrorism, it was totally our problem. It has to do with a series of memories that were installed, ironically we had this problem that made a mistake and started to be reflected in the transactions and insisted that it should be reversed, in a way that makes “Stable as it was on Saturday,” Jorge Terrazas, director of communications at BBVA Mexico, said at a news conference.

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The BBVA, without accepting questions on the matter, confirmed that the information and data of any clients, whether natural or legal persons, were not affected.

Although he admitted that the error that occurred had implications of important proportions, he did not detail any and how many.

According to the manager, there is no type of pending transaction and no business for which credit card transactions have not been paid.

BBVA has 24.3 million customers in Mexico, of which 14.1 million are digital, which is 58 percent of the total.

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