Beautiful: Jackie Bracamontes dazzles in a gold dress from the 1920s | Photo

Beautiful: Jackie Bracamontes dazzles in a gold dress from the 1920s |  Photo

Model and driver plus Mother and for example Miss Jacqueline Bracamontes, He turned on the social networks on Sunday night with a amazing outfit worthy brag”this is how you dance.

Famous Tabiatia, came out on stage for Telemundo network To show off his plates while driving, but also, tonight, we delighted with his best dance moves in a video shared on his social networks.

The dress she wore Bracamontes It is stunning, in golden tones, with a short skirt with some details (fring) that made her look very good, and her graceful legs, as well as conservative neckline, spiced with a front hem and high heel soles, giving it a cool look just awesome, in the purest style Twenties fashion the last century.

Marked duel with Adamari López

Fans and followers in social networks They immediately responded to the beauty of “Jackie” and, above all, noticed that it was not necessary to wear small clothes, because charisma is very important and boy Jacqueline He owns it and appears every time the camera focuses on it or has a good gesture to please the audiencethis is how you danceWith such wonderful details on your part.

Jackie It burns on the screen just like a file Contest judge, “short” but spicy, Adamari Lopez, who fights every week with the throne of excellence and image Mexican The audience estimated that “battle” with good feelings, “raise hands” and hundreds of comments Fair and square for both celebrities.

It should be noted that tonight, destructive I wore a “low cut”, with a black dress with white “ball” prints, which makes him look amazing, as we are used to at many of the show’s concerts.

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