Bella in yellow, Alexa Dellanos looks majestic in front of the camera

Bella in yellow, Alexa Dellanos looks majestic in front of the camera

beautiful american model Alexa Delanos Always looking to use a different outfit than the above to become center of attention And this time he did it with Clothes the color yellow Which created an excellent contrast with her beauty and hair.

That’s right, the young woman shared a beautiful picture of her official instagram Where we can appreciate how flirtatiously she dedicated herself to observing the camera while it was being taken to create this piece of entertainment Very cute and flirtatious.

The lovers Hija de Merca Delanos They can’t believe how beautiful he is in this color because it’s not every day that he uploads pictures in that tone but usually looks for other somewhat different colors like black, orange, red, etc.

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It is worth noting that in addition to its attractions Publications Alexa is also committed to keeping us entertained on her Instagram Stories, where she shares a little more about her personal life and behind the scenes of her career, so we were able to appreciate how she does her hard work. Photography session.

At the moment in this section there are some videos of her relaxing on the balcony, unleashing the vibe while showing off a bit of the beautiful view she has towards the sea, as well as capturing a bit of her personality.

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He also shared some videos of him exercising with his tight gym clothes, which allowed us to see how he keeps his figure healthy and fit.

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Finally, she posted a video in which she says she is going for a golf cart ride with her puppy and one of her friends is responsible for capturing the fun moment they spend together.

It is important to mention that the young woman has finally crossed 4 Million followers and she is trending for more so she will continue to share attractive photos, videos and stories that will surely continue to entertain and pamper her loyal fans who support her at all times. Instagram.

On Show News, we will continue to share the best of Alexa Dellanos so you can continue to enjoy her the way we did today, regardless of the fact that her true fans are still waiting to see her with her mom who is also very beautiful and adorable. Some consider them like sisters.

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