Best NBA games of this decade

Best NBA games of this decade


Because of the coronavirus, the NBA has been forced to take a break, giving fans a chance to reminisce about prior games. At least a hundred “classic” games have been released in the last decade. Ten of the games stood out above the rest.

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Eastern Conference Playoffs between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics were held on June 7, 2012.

The Miami Heat were behind the Boston Celtics 3-2 and had to go to the Big Apple. In prior seasons, LeBron James had had difficulty defeating the Celtics in the NBA Playoffs. With James’ career on the line, the Heat needed him to be at his best to secure a 98-79 victory. James put up 40 points, 15 rebounds, and five assists in an impressive performance.

NBA Finals, Game 6: Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs, June 18, 2013

With LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard leading the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, this game was one of the greatest of all time. After Chris Bosh collected a crucial rebound, Ray Allen made an incredible three-pointer that sent the game into overtime. A lot of people believed Allen’s three was a bounce before he shot the ball, which made it questionable. James went 3-for-12 from the field in the first three-quarters of the match but finished the match with 32 points on 11-of-26 shooting. A 103-100 Miami Heat victory was the final score of the game.

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Game Recap – 103-100 Heat victory against Spurs on Wednesday, June 18

I mean, what else were you expecting?

The 2014 NBA Finals Game 6 was a thriller from start to finish. And by “it all,” I mean one of basketball’s most memorable climaxes. Only a select few plays are worthy of oral history. Gregg Popovich’s decision to remove Tim Duncan off the court and Chris Bosh and Ray Allen’s ability to grab, pirouette, and play behind the 3 lines for a jumper that changed history were all part of this momentous day in basketball history.

Seeing it once is seeing it a thousand times. It was a breathtaking piece of art, one that possibly no other man could have achieved.

Fans of the Spurs would sooner guzzle vinegar than watch another second of the last minute. However, it’s in the lows that the highs are amplified. If you don’t work hard, you’ll never make any progress. You didn’t even have to care about the outcome of the game to drowning in your own poop.

Just a few games have the capacity to cause your body to respond unintentionally to them. In this instance, it was.

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