Best Server Racks for the Home and Office

Best Server Racks for the Home and Office

Nowadays, server furniture is used not only in big enterprises for large-scale tasks. Each small business has a server cabinet for storing computing equipment. Thus, there is no wonder that home and office server cabinets are introduced on the market.

Due to the pandemic of other reasons, more and more people switch to remote work from home. A home office is a common case for modern businessmen and entrepreneurs. Thus, the manufacturers of modern server furniture adjust to the modern reality and offer compact solutions for home use. For example, you can find a wall- or ceiling mount server rack in catalogs of most distributors.

How to Choose an appropriate Option for Home Use?

The main requirement for the best home server rack is its compactness. Large cabinets are not convenient on living premises. They take too much place, break ergonomics, and spoil the interior looking bulky. A small compact rack will be the perfect tech solution. But let’s see what points you need to keep in mind when selecting a suitable model:

  1. First of all, you need to determine the size of the cabinet. This is the most important part of the preparatory process. If the rack size is miscalculated, the product won’t house all the required devices, or they will be placed too tightly, which can lead to overheating. Here, remember one simple rule: it is better to pick a more spacious model rather than a too small one.
  2. How do we calculate the required size? We should treat three main dimensions, namely height, width, and depth. To do this, you should measure your equipment and add the obtained figures. Note that the height is measured in U (units), where 1U is 1.75 inches. Depth and width are usually standardized; most server furniture is produced in several variants to fit most hardware.
  3. It is recommended to make a layout to understand how devices will be placed. Having a draft before your eyes will help make correct measurements and pick an appropriate product.
  4. Choose its location to decide on the type of mounting (on the floor, wall, or ceiling). If you prefer wall- or ceiling-mount models, consider the maximum allowed weight.
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The Best Server Racks for Home

Here, we provide 4 tech solutions for the best server rack for home lab.

  1. Wall-mount racks. These models are fastened to the with special high-load dowels. Yet, their carrying capacity is limited. As a rule, the size of a wall-mount cabinet reaches a maximum of 12U. However, it is quite enough for a home office.
  2. Desktop racks. Such models are installed on tables. There are two variations of the construction, namely 2- and 4-post. Both enclosed and open-frame designs are available.
  3. 2-post products. These are open-frame products that have two vertical uprights with special holes designed for hardware fastening and cable routing.
  4. Traditional cabinets. These are durable metal boxes with side panels and lockable doors. They allow accommodating any type of device. All the required slots for cords, fans, and other accessories are provided.

Pros and Cons of Server Furniture

All server products are divided into two major groups, namely open-frame racks and enclosed cabinets. Each model has its features, pros, and cons. While enclosed constructions with locks on doors protect devices from access by third people (children or family members), dust accumulation, and theft, open-frame models provide better ventilation conditions but do not secure hardware from damage.

Other Important Parameters to Consider

Before you make the final choice of the best home network rack, consider the issue of equipment cooling. How operating hardware will be cooled? Functioning components heat well, and insufficient cooling can lead to apparatus overheating. If you pick an open design model, the airflow can pass through devices cooling them. For enclosed models, think about the way forced ventilation will be organized.

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Server cabinets are used not only in large enterprises but also in small home offices. Compact models of diverse constructions were developed for home use. Any type of hardware for datum storage can be accommodated inside. The process of selecting the best network rack for home is a responsible and complicated task that required thorough analysis and attention.

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