Betis vs Getafe (1-0): Gold worthy win for Betis

Betis vs Getafe (1-0): Gold worthy win for Betis

Mexico City /

Gallery Bedis He scored his second consecutive win after a pitfall a few weeks ago and scored a penalty Borja Iglesias They lost 1-0 Getafe In a game Diego Lines stayed on the bench, while Andres Cardo played 78 minutes.

The Andalusians just kept the ball for a very long time, but as the minutes passed the ideas ran away, which is why the engineer Manuel Bellegrini, Made changes so that his team could win, but in those movements it was not thought of Wool.

Saved He was very participant, the 34-year-old he does not have Mexican weight, he fights the balls like a player, Vertiplanco understands his role as one of the leaders in the dressing room.

The advantage of this Bedis It may be broad but Sergio Kennels He missed a goal in the second half and a penalty minutes later when the score was in balance Borja Iglesias was able to send the ball to the nets from that spot.

Painting by this success Bedis Is closer to the positions offered by European titles, and this season they have not been able to compete in the tournaments they saw after the catastrophic season of 2019-20.

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