BetPlay League: Two ranked teams are defined

BetPlay League: Two ranked teams are defined

After this Wednesday Betplay LeagueNot only were the teams seeded for home runs, but also the seeded teams were able to learn, so they would be direct beneficiaries. An invisible point in each of its groups.

First of all it is important to say that those who are classified for the next round are: Golden Eagles, Independence Medellin, Cali America, millionaires, Game Dolima, Atlético Nacional, Jr. and Deportivo Galle.

For his part, the Team Rionegro stayed with the first seed and an invisible spotThanks to them adding more than 42 points and making it clear that they are the most determined team during this first stage of the tournament.

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Meanwhile, Independence Medellin He was second in the standings and therefore took advantage of the group, thanks to his achievement in a landslide, beating Union Magdalena.

It is important to highlight that America was close in principle To be second on the podium, But this did not happen in the end as he could not turn the score against him Atletico Bucaramanga.

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As such, we now have to wait and see how these groups will shape up, which will be drawn on Wednesday. 10:00 p.mDate 20 Some time after the last matches.

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