Biden announced measures to prevent a supply chain crisis

Biden announced measures to prevent a supply chain crisis

“If the private sector doesn’t come forward, we’ll call them and tell them to act,” Biden says.

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President Biden praised Walmart, FedEx and UPS for their commitment to delivering more goods in the absence of more time, and urged others in the private sector to “move forward” to help supply chain problems affecting the United States.

“Today, Walmart, our nation’s largest retailer, is committed to moving its products 24 hours a day from ports to stores across the country. In particular, Walmart is committed to increasing off-peak hourly usage by 50%. Over the next several weeks,” Biden said.

“FedEx and UPS are carriers for some of the largest stores in our country, but they are also shipped to tens of thousands of small businesses across the United States.

Biden also stressed the commitment of Target, Home Depot and Samsung to “intensify their operations to make use of less time in ports”.

“Their commitment to operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week means that companies of all sizes can keep their products on the shelves quickly and reliably,” Biden said.

Biden pointed out that private companies can appeal to federal action if they do not “progress”.

“I want to be clear, this is a cross commitment to go 24/7 (an operation), which is a great first step in accelerating the movement of goods and commodities through our supply chain, but now we need the rest of the private sector chain to go one step further,” Biden said. Warned. “This is not called a supply chain in vain.”

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“Strengthening our supply chain will continue to be my team’s goal,” he added. “If federal support is needed, I will take all appropriate action. If the private sector does not come forward now, we are going to call them and tell them to act, because our goal is not only to overcome this immediate hurdle, but also to address the long-term weaknesses of our transportation supply chain that this epidemic has exposed.

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