Biden prepares key cabinet choices as Trump team cuts ties with lawyer – live updates | American News

Trump’s attempt to thwart his failed election is increasingly being undermined by the inaction of his legal claims, and some top Republicans are being skinned even though his party is dumbfounded amid his constitutional arson.

The president’s legal committee is peacefully destroying the time-honored traditions of the transfer of power, removing long-standing court challenges and putting pressure on state election officials. Some senior Republicans in this scene are ready to call the time. “It’s over,” GOP said Representative Fred Upton CNN’s Insight Politics said Sunday in Michigan. Maryland Government Larry Hogan, A frequent Trump critic, said that Trump’s behavior on CNN State of the Union was similar to that seen in the “Banana Republic.” Also a friend of Trump, the former New Jersey government. Chris ChristieSpeaking to ABC News this week, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his associates were branded a “national embarrassment.”

However, with voting certificates in most districts in Michigan on Monday and in Pennsylvania, a crucial stage in the conflict between the administration and the president-elect group over Trump’s refusal to initiate a change is approaching.

If local authorities make progress – unsubstantiated allegations of mass fraud despite a White House intervention – They will effectively reaffirm Biden’s capture of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Therefore, Trump’s position will remain low even if he refuses to back down from the false claims that he won on November 3.

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