Bills and Bengals are advancing, still waiting for a competitor

Bills and Bengals are advancing, still waiting for a competitor

Cincinnati defeated the home riders and easily defeated the buffalo patriots, now they have to wait for the results

The Wild card round The NFL issued the first two tickets to the US Conference, although there were no limited fights yet.

Tonight’s number. 3 Buffalo Bills They number. 6 had no mercy New England Patriots With a tremendous 47-17 win at Highmark Stadium, thanks to the strong performance of quarterback Josh Allen he threw five touchdown passes.

Buffalo To find out your rival for the division round, you still have to wait for the end of the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City leaders.

In the first game of the double header this Saturday, The Cincinnati Bengal Defeated 26-19 Las Vegas Riders Build the first available ticket for the next round.

Cincinnati, Jan. 6, who won the playoffs for the first time since 1991, could even face the No. 1 ranked Tennessee Titans in the AFC.

That too is not excluded Bills And the Bengal teams clash in the division round.

Combinations that can occur in AFC with a game to play in AFC are:

Success of Bills on Patriots confirms Bangladesh They will be in the audience next week: if the chiefs win, Cincinnati Tennessee and visit Buffalo I will go to Kansas City; If Pittsburgh wins, The Bangladesh Will visit Bills y Steelers and Titans.

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At NFC, as Green Bay Bakers enjoy their pie week as the No. 1 seed, everything remains the same.

The Wild card round NFC is played as follows:

N ° 7 Philadelphia Eagles en N ° 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
No. No. 6 in the San Francisco 49ers. 3 Dallas Cowboys
N ° 5 Arizona Cardinals and N ° 4 Los Angeles Rams

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