Bitcoin in Honduras: CABEI offers help with cryptocurrency

Bitcoin in Honduras: CABEI offers help with cryptocurrency

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Dante Muse, CEO of Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), at the end of this week that this entity is at the disposal of Honduran government To provide technical assistance in the use of Cryptocurrency (digital money).

Project Work and economic development areas (zede) has been ratified by the Honduran authorities. In recent weeks, Roatán zede announced that cryptocurrencies will be used in that region. The Biosafety Clearing-House He later stated that they will conduct the relevant tests and studies, because this provision is also the responsibility of the institution.

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To protect the legal use of BitcoinOn the one hand, the ability to collect taxes; On the other hand, to regulate the use of this currency in illegal uses. he moved.

“The last thing we want is for bitcoin to be used to infect the financial sector and that is why we are working with experts to help El Salvador government On how best to develop a strategy for financial inclusion and technology innovation, ”explained the CABEI President.

savior It is going through the process of introducing cryptocurrencies into its territory, starting with coastal and tourist areas, which have a high presence of foreign visitors. President’s government here to watch And the resolve was validated in recent weeks, after winning the endorsement of Congress.

“Our pride has always been not only to be a cash drawer, but to provide technical assistance through experts who accompany the government of El Salvador and will accompany other countries in the region that require it,” Moussi stressed.

Mossi explains that laws regarding the use of cryptocurrencies (also called Bitcoin) can beGood, but at the same time badMoussa insists that it should be regulated to protect the consumer. This regulation will be at the expense of governments.

Finally, Moses stated that if Honduras, through Central Bank of Honduras, request technical assistance, they will attend to this request.

“If the head of the BCH (Wilfredo Serrato) can ask for technical assistance, if he so desires, we will provide it. Using cryptocurrencies is like the Internet: it exists; the problem is how to frame the right laws for the use of these new technologies.”

What are cryptocurrencies?

It is an encrypted digital asset to ensure its ownership and security in transactions. Thus, it is intended to control the creation of additional modules; This means that copies of said assets can be made, so you don’t lose them. The wallet in which it is stored is digital, and therefore, at the international level, although El Salvador was the first country to grant a study to national circulation, it is still widely used. The new wave of disappearance of physical (monetary) assets has been reduced in order to generate banking security.

It has different characteristics that distinguish it from traditional systems (debit cards, cash, exchange). First of all, they are not under the control of any organization and do not require intermediaries to carry out transactions; This, for example, reduces costs.

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