Bling Empire Season 3 Release Date & Latest Updates

Bling Empire Season 3 Release Date & Latest Updates

In season 2 of Bling Empire, there were a lot of ups and downs. We had Paula Abdul featured as a surprise cameo artist and inquiries about Kim and Kevin’s relationship enter hiatus. There are also cliffhangers so what we can assume for season 3?

Bling Empire Season 3 Release Date

There are a lot of updates we have regarding the Release Date of Bling Empire Season 3, the foremost one is one of the actors of the season Lee has confirmed that Season 3 is going to happen very soon, So in that we can expect the release date of the film to be in the Mid of 2023.

What to expect from Bling Empire season 3?

Season two left a lot of unresolved drama, with questions around Chèrie and Jessey’s relationship and the fallout from Kim and Kevin’s relationship.

What happened in the Previous Seasons So Far?

Gossip has been causing a ton of drama at work. Christine and Anna are looking to talk to him about it and figure out what is going on.

Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider

Now that their romantic attempts have failed, will they still be friends and talk about dating other Americans openly?

Kane and Kevin

Kane was worried that their friendship could end after the fight, and even used his Chinese zodiac sign to justify why he thought their relationship might not last.

If you watched the episode of Bling Empire with Dorothy on it, you would know that she was there for a short time before moving to NYC. She caused some drama with Kane but acted as the big sister Jaime needs. We may or may not have her as the main character, but we will definitely see her again.

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It seems they are done with the show for good, but if they remain friends with some of the cast members, we might hear more about how the story unfolded.

Christine said no to more children in Season one. She changed her mind after her mom’s death, and in the end of Season two, she was researching whether she and her husband could find a surrogate. We’re excited to see another adorable baby like G!

Throughout season two, Kelly Mi Li was the symbol for #healing and helped many people heal. We found out in the finale that Drew is back in Anna’s life and we’re dying to know what she will do. Will she take him back?

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