Bonds and Clemens can be left out of HOF again

Bonds and Clemens can be left out of HOF again

This year, there are four controversial names included in the Arab Republic of Egypt journalists’ poll MLB for the last time: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Kurt Schilling, Dominican Sammy Sosa, Whose ballot totals have suffered from previous years due to their links to doping, face their last chance. Nor do Schilling’s chances look good.

Although he overtook the Hall last year with 71.1% of the vote, he currently accounts for 60%, a marked drop that is probably the product of offensive comments he has made in recent years, including on social networks.

Bonds and Clemens totals have been roughly the same over the years. In 2021 they reached 61.8% and 61.6%, respectively. So far this year, Bonds – who has scored seven MVP Awards and is the all-time leader at home (762) – has earned 77.1%, and Clemens – who has racked up 4,672 and earned a record seven Cy Young Awards. – It is 75.9%.

If they both suffered a similar drop in their announced ballot papers to those that have remained private as in previous years, it doesn’t look like either of them will.

“Their final percentage will improve again this year due to changing groups and a small group of voters who have changed from ‘no entry’ to ‘enter’ (so far they have a net count of +2)…” but we haven’t seen signs that we’ll see what Enough purchases or group changeovers to make a bigger impact.

“The question mark for Bonds and Clemens is that because they have historically not performed well with voters who keep their votes private, it also means that there is a chance of getting more votes from well-supported voters who have declared their votes. If voters who keep their votes come close. With their votes especially from matching this year’s public vote, Bonds and Clemens may still have a chance.”

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Alex Rodriguez, another notable candidate linked to doping during his career, made his debut on the Hall of Fame poll this year – so far he’s got 40.6%.

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