Brad Pitt is fascinated by Mitch’s natural beauty

Brad Pitt is fascinated by Mitch’s natural beauty

American actor Brad Pitt visited the town of Michis in the Dominican Republic accompanied by businessman George Nader and some friends, where he spent moments of rest and relaxation on the beach of the Costa Esmeralda.

Pitt was visiting the country at the beginning of April 2021.

During her helicopter visit, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband bathed on the beach without a shirt, drank coconut water and admired nature and miles of shallow water in the sea.

Among the people who have become interested in Michis is the famous actor Robert De Niro, who has investments in Dubai and other countries and has shot films in the country and has investments in Barbados.

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjuna, who has a good audience in the country, has also been there for several years, while Spaniard Julio Iglesias has made several visits, some with businessman Frank Rainieri, the tourism pioneer and his son. Frank Elias will be responsible for one of the most ambitious and luxurious projects to begin this year in Michigan.

Celebrities and celebrities continue to be attracted to the Dominican Republic. Some of them have just booked and acquired real estate in the booming tourism of Michigan Township, Cebu Province, ordering luxury villa designs and attractive complexes in a trend that appears to be trendy.

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