Britney Spears explains the reason behind her ‘topless’ posts

Britney Spears explains the reason behind her ‘topless’ posts

(CNN) – Britney Spears He’s gone from saying he’ll post less on social media to showing some skin.

The singer recently posted some “topless” photos on her verified Instagram account. In the photos, she covers her bare breasts with her hands.

In a series of photos, Spears explained in the description: “I haven’t had surgery on my breasts in just a week…nor am I pregnant…I have breasts in these pictures because I devoured food.”

“Before I show you more pictures of my body…I want you to understand my thoughts on exposing my skin,” Spears wrote. “In my opinion, the immediate response when a woman is hot and she wants to take off a cloak is so twisted… No… I’m not talking at a strip club or a performance… Just on the scale of my business is to be in your car and realize you’re wearing a stupid long-sleeved shirt in summer !!!! “

She went on to write that she had published “naked” pictures because I was born into this world naked and I honestly feel that the weight of the world was on my shoulder and made me see myself that way.”

“I wanted to see myself in a lighter way… Naked… Like the way I was born and for me, looking at the pictures I took, it’s crazy to see myself in its purest form. Proof of that,” he wrote, “Pain.. Suffering.. Tears. And heavy burdens are not who I am.” “I am a woman…beautiful…a sensitive woman who needs to look at me in her purest form!!!”

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Spears is currently embroiled in a battle to end a more than decade-old guardianship after concerns about her mental health.

In his post on “Topless”, he mentioned supporting The #FreeBritney movement that appeared to support that fight.

On August 9, Spears wrote in a caption to a video showing cut avocados that she intended to post less because “the news was so bad she’s been telling horrible, bad lies about me.”

The battle that Britney would have won in her legal battle 1:40

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